Donate One Rupee

We got a vision from God to serve humanity. One who is enthusiastic about helping needy and poor can donate their Rupee to our charity program called “Donate 1 Rupee”. The money you donate will be used for orphans for their betterment.
Simple, Bravehearts Team will Collect One rupee from each affordable person and give the needy and poor people the long term solutions of their problems like education, drinking water, child labour, poverty, women employment, hospitals, schools, etc. This way every poor will be targeted and will be helped by resolving its problem.
Bravehearts Team believe that even ‘One Rupee’ has the power to transform society. Incited with a simple thought of taking the donation of just one rupee from our merciful donors, we leave no stone unturned to make our surroundings and community better, taking vital steps towards increasing and enforcing positive change. Our primary goal is to collect only one rupee as a donation from the respective society, not by giving them trouble but by giving them comfort.