Plants and Trees are one of the important reasons why we are living on this earth. They produce life-giving oxygen. Without it surviving our life on this earth is highly impossible. There are several other benefits of planting trees including, absorbing hazardous gases which pollute the atmosphere, providing food and shelter for birds and animals, keeping climate cool and providing shade during summer seasons.

Bravehearts Team has taken up the responsibility to develop clean and green surroundings by planting trees. Our organization also discourages the cutting of trees. The main aim of our organisation is to educate the people about the benefits of planting trees and mesh them in doing so. Most of the people in our organisation supporting and working this cause and have joined hands to make our country green. Also, we run campaigns to encourage people to do it in their surroundings to spread greenery. If you want to bring a major difference in your surroundings, you must join your hands with our organisation to work on a large scale.